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Monday, 12 June 2017

Abdulla Kidwai

McLaren Mansory mp4 12c

McLaren Mansory mp4 12c

Mansory is famous for its car modification and carbon-fiber work and McLaren is a well-Known supercar brand to all of you. McLaren is Famous for its taper and streamlined Car. And just imagine If these two companies are working together then what will the producer. I am sure, they will produce a stunning car. and now that stunning car is not a dream. Yes, Mansory modified mp4-12c. and that was the first time when they are working together. mp4-12c is now a expire model. after 2014 McLaren ends the production of mp4-12 c.


Mansory decided to modify this amazing car. they started working with their engineers that specialize in. from boat to rear flap and from roof to gates, they created every part from carbon fiber and harden in an autoclave under high pressure and temperature. they give birth to this car with 60 mm wider. After carbon fiber processing Vehicle unlocked its weight and gains excellent performance.


From inside the car, look's like an airplane cockpit. they used high-grade quality of fiber for seats and dashboard. and best quality of instruments and material, best quality of leather with extra softness fitted on seats by the specialist, that's why it looks's like an art piece. Sports wheel with awesome functions on it. under car safety, the fitted specially designed airbags and seat belts. shifting panels under steering with carbon fiber cut.


The power output is nice with less body weight. Mansory mp4-12c is powered by the same engine as mp4-12c with extraordinary performance. The 3.8-liter V8 engine creates 490 kW at 7100 rpm and maximum torque is 675nm you can get this between 3000 - 6500 rpm. this power is enough to gain the high speed of 353 km/h. After Mansory's Modification speed is improved by 20 km/h.


Nothing terrible to say about this car because this is the hard work of two companies. The car looks good with the slim body. Its streamline design makes it more powerful and good looking. The price for this car is $680,000. and I want to give 7 stars to this car.

           3.2 second   

Top Speed
            351 km/h    
           3.8-L V8    

            670 hp   

             1434 kg      

            Sports Car   

          $ 680,000 

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Abdulla Kidwai

McLaren 675LT Spider

  McLaren 675LT Spider 
I have already discussed many supercars with you. And I always try to tell you about an awesome car. Personally, I am a supercar lover, and I request to all supercar lovers who read my blog, that pleases comment on the blog with your suggestion because I want improvement in my blog but this can be only possible with your suggestion . only a few peoples are there in the world who experience the thrill of real power. And today I have planned to tell you about McLaren 675Lt spider. McLaren 675Lt spider is a 2-door, 2-seater, mid-engine super sports car, In nowadays you can see this car on the top of  McLaren car list. From 1963 McLaren provide us many super cool cars. 675Lt spider McLaren have inherited power and beauty from its predecessor 675lt Coupe.

675Lt spider is beautiful indeed. In the last post, I told you that if you have the car that you are supposed to look beautiful at first glance it would like. So if you talk to the McLaren car in comparison to other cars. it is enough streamlined to make it a powerful car. The thin body and its beauty are increased. Rear brake lights give the vehicle the look beautiful. and awesome front LED daylight .

from inside Mclaren seems like an advanced sports car. The use of good quality leather seats of the car has been made even more beautiful and comfortable. Front panel seems awesome with the instrument installed on the panel. McLaren put nice safety feature inside the car, like dual airbags and dual seat belt for each seat. This is all about the interior of 675LT spider. 

and when any car converses. after beauty, we emphasize car's strength. 675LT Spider Is powered by a 3,799 cc v8 twin turbo engine. this engine produces a power of 666 bhp and maximum torque of 700 nm. 325 km/h is the high speed of this car, in 2.9 second this car can catch a speed of 0-100 km/h. This is not powerful as much as F1 or P1, but you can feel the thrill at this speed. 

after given review on all specification of the car. I want to say this is a mid speed super sports car and if you have got smooth roads at your place then you can enjoy the speed thrill. they adorn this car like a newly wedding couple. if you are thinking to buy 675lt spider then prepare yourself to pay 285,450$ and I want to give 7 stars to this car.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Abdulla Kidwai

McLaren 650S

McLaren  650S

Hello my car lover's !! how's you all . I wish you all are good and having fun in the world of supper cars . So Friends today i am going to tell you about a car. Manufactured by a British car manufacturer . Yes you are right this is McLaren 650s. 650s was announced by McLaren in February 2014 as a new model . But I think you have to say that this is a modified model of MP4-12C With 25% new parts and with better performance in power . Like MP4-12C is powered by a 592 hp (441 kW; 600 PS) by which this car can achieve a top speed of 346.6 km/h on the other hand 650S is powered by 641 hp (478 kW; 650 PS) Engine by this power this car can go up to 333 km/h .Now there is a question that a car power is increased by 49 hp and speed get down by 13 km/h i think MP4-12C is good in performance. By the way 333 km/h is not bad so lets talk about 650S's looks. As usual carbon fiber body and a long list of beautiful colors like: Aurora Blue, Blue, Carbon Black, Fire Black, Ice Silver, Mantis Green, McLaren Orange, Pearl White, Sapphire Black, Silver, Srm Gray, Supernova Silver, Tarocco Orange, Titanium Silver, Volcano Orange, Volcano Red, Volcano Yellow and White

Performance Specs

Top Speed                                     333 Kmph
Gear box                                      7 Speed
Engine Description                      3.8-litre V8, twin-turbo 641 hp (478 kW; 650 PS)
Maximum Power                         641HP (478KW, 650PS)  @ 7,250RPM
Maximum Torque                        678Nm @ 6000 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder                    4
Turning Radius                           5 metres
No. of Cylinders                         8
Engine Displacement(cc)           3,799 cc
(0-100 kmph)                             3.0 Seconds


Seating Capacity                               2
No of Doors                                      2
Kerb Weight                                     3,148 lb (1,428 kg) (coupe)
Fuel Tank Capacity                          72 (Litters)
Tyre Size                                          (F/R) 235/35 R19/305/30 R20
Tyre Type                                         Tubeless,Radial

Wheel Size                                       (F/R) 8.5” X 19”/11” X 20”
Length                                             4511mm
Width                                              1895mm
Height                                             1199mm

Compression Ratio                         8.7:1
Damping & Roll Modes                 Normal, Sport & Track

Over all i see that McLaren have all  models similar to each other like 650s , p1 , MP4-12C. But i have to say McLaren makes only beautiful cars . So friend if you like this car and want to buy this car then you have to pay £195,250.

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