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Abdulla Kidwai

Lamborghini Aventedor

 Lamborghini Aventedor 

Hello friends this is me Abdulla Kidwai and today i am here with a cool car from Lamborghini, this model get its name after a fighting bull the Aventedor . The Lamborghini Aventedor is a mid engined supper sport car produced by the biggest rival of Ferrari  . Lamborghini launched its first aventedor on 28 February 2011 at Geneva Motor Show . it was built to replace the Murcielago a decade old model and the vehicle ,internally codenamed LB834 . And by March 2016 Lamborghini had complete a milestone of building 5000 aventedor which takes 5 years to complete this milestone .


Performance Specs 

Top Speed                            350 Kmph
Gear box                              7 Speed
Engine Description              6.5-litre 690.63bhp (700PS ;515kW)                                                 V12 Petrol Engine
Maximum Power                  690.63bhp @ 8250 rpm
Maximum Torque                 690Nm @ 5500 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder              4
Turning Radius                     6.25 metres
No. of Cylinders                   12
Engine Displacement(cc)     6498
Compression Ratio               11.8:1
Acceleration                         (0-100 kmph)       2.9 Seconds



Seating Capacity                            2
No of Doors                                   2
Kerb Weight                                  1575kg
Fuel Tank Capacity                        90 (Litters)
Cargo Volume                                110-litres
Ground Clearance                          125mm
Wheel Base                                    2700mm
Front Tread                                    1720mm
Rear Tread                                     1700mm
Tyre Size                                        255/35 R19,335/30 R20
Tyre Type                                       Tubeless,Radial
Alloy Wheel Size                           20 Inch
Length                                            4780mm
Width                                              2265mm
Height                                             1136mm 

 Over all it is a master peace after Galardo and murcielago after all it is a fighting bull so if this is your dream car and you want to buy this car then you have to pay US$393,695 .

Abdulla Kidwai

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