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Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra 

Hello everyone ! .Tuday i have a very beautyful car for my car lover's .This is Huayra from Italian manufacturer . As like as all supper cars this is also a 2door 2seater mid-engine sport car. This car get it's name from Huayra-tata (a Quechua wind god). Huayra was assembled in Modena Italy and designed by Horacio Pagani (CEO of Pagani). Huayra is powered by a engine known as M158 which is developed by Mercedes-AMG this is a v12 engine developed specialy for Huayra. M158 produces 720 bhp (539 kw) and 1100 N.m of torque . The top speed of Huayra is about 383 km/h (238 mph) . In 2.8 second's it gain up to 100 km/h speed. In 2015 pagani announced that  Huayra  is sold out because pagani decided to made only 100 units and deal with Mercedes-AMG for 100 Engines.For decreasing zbout 70 kg weight  Huayra  use single disk clutch in the place of dual disk clutch as a result entire transmission weight is 96 kg. And the special thing about this car .The is come in exist with the help of 7 more companys with pagani.

MERCEDES-AMG -             Engine (M158)
MHG –                                  Exhaust System
BREMBO –                          Braking Systems
DANI GROUP –                   Interior Leather
ASPA –                                 CNC Precision Parts
APP -                                    Wheels
PIRELLI -                             Tyres

Performance Specs

Top Speed                                     383 Kmph
Gear box                                       7 Speed   siquential  
Engine Description                      6-litre V12, twin-turbo 720 hp 
Maximum Power                         720hp (539KW)  @ 6,200RPM
Maximum Torque                        1,000 Nm @4,000 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder                     4 
No. of Cylinders                           12
Engine Displacement(cc)            5,980 cc
(0-100 kmph)                               2.8 Seconds


Seating Capacity                                2
No of Doors                                        2
Kerb Weight                                       1,350 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity                          100 (Litters)
Tyre Type                                          Tubeless,Radial
Length                                               4,605mm
Width                                                 2,036mm
Height                                               1,169mm
wheel base                                         2,795mm 

After looking the all specification and the hot pics of this beautiful car i want to say this is really a hot and a light weight car and this hot car costs a lot i mean $1,314,000 .

Abdulla Kidwai

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