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SSC Ultimate Aero

SSC Ultimate Aero 

Whenever we think about a supercar the picture created in our mind is any Ferrari or Lamborghini I mean only Italian Manufacturer because the best, everyone know's that, but if you are thinking that only German or Italian car makers are best then you are wrong. How can you forgot American cars, Believe me, they are awesome and peoples all over the word love these cars, And how can you forgot these car manufacturers when they are working for more than 10 decades only for us, how can you forgot: Chrysler, Ford, Pontiac, Dodge, Jeep, Cadillac. But believe me today I am not going to talk to these great car manufacturers, and today I have a supercar from America so without wasting much I am going to define this car for everyone. Ultimate Aero (Pure American) Manufactured by SSC North America .Ultimate Aero is a supercar with 2door, 2seat, and mid-engine layout. the car body is made up of carbon fiber and steel framework is done on the car .From inside car is decorated with beautiful leather seats and some awesome instruments installed on the front panel, like speedometer with high speed 260 mph, Tachometer with 8000 rpm limit, Sequential Shift Lights, Horsepower Gauge etc. Now I want to talk about the power of this car because this car is famous for its speed. Ultimate Aero is powered by V8 Block with 1,287 bhp @ 6075 rpm and maximum torque of 1,112 ft-lbs @ 6150 rpm, this power is enough to start running this car at 100 km/h in just 2.75 seconds, and it gives a top speed of 257.41 mph. The overall weight of V8 Block is 422 lbs.

Performance Specs

Top Speed                                     412 Km/h
Gear box                                       6Speed     
Engine Description                       387.2 V8,Block 1,287 bhp 
Maximum Power                         1,287bhp @ 6,075RPM
Maximum Torque                        1,112ft-lbs @6,150 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder                     4 
No. of Cylinders                           8
Engine Displacement(cc)            387.2
(0-100 kmph)                               2.75 Seconds


Seating Capacity                                2
No of Doors                                        2
Kerb Weight                                       2,750 lbs
Tyre Type                                          Tubeless,Radial
Length                                               4,475mm
Width                                                 2,101mm
Height                                               1,092mm
Ground Clearance                            100mm

Overall all this is an awesome car and SSC also claims to Guinness book of world record as the fastest production car .And I want to give 7 number out of 10 for this car . every masterpiece costs a lot as like as that this Ultimate Aero cost $650,000 .

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