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2017 Bugatti Chiron Specification, Reviews

Bugatti Chiron

Once more Chiron the most powerful car from a German brand Bugatti powered by an engine taken from a beast listed on top in the list of words fastest cars.
This car is really a masterpiece and a perfect combination of power and beauty this car get its name after Louis Chiron (he was a Monegasque car racer).
Chiron is a 2 seater 2 door coupe longitudinal mid-engine all wheel drive sports car
once more Bugatti is here with 300 more hp and +3mph speed from it previous model Veyron and the weight is 46-pound Lighter than Veyron.
when we are looking to the hypercars of 21st century like Koenigsegg One or Veneno Roadster, they all are mold from ultra light carbon fiber, on the same formula Chiron is manufactured from carbon fiber the external looks and body shape is occupied from the latest experiment  Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept and the company claims the structure of Chiron is based on LMP1 racing prototype.
Bugatti Chiron is the first on road production mega car with 1500 engine.
Bugatti announced, only 500 Chiron will be made, according to company news 200 were already sold before the delivery of the first car.


maximum component mold from carbon fiber and aluminum, the C-shaped curved on each side of the body gives a charming look, adjustable carbon fiber spoiler make it different in the release of supercars you can adjust this hydraulic controlled spoiler in four positions, 
eloquent aerodynamic like the front splitter, diffuser, and spoiler all automatically controlled by hydraulics, 

from inside the car is alluring, just give look to that gauge pod containing a analog speedometer with highest speed limit of 500 km/h, the car adorns from carbon fiber even the smallest component inside the cockpit (of this non-flying jet), the beautiful sound system by Accuton, you have 31 options for leather on your sound system that suits your taste.


in the power section, you are reading about the most powerful road production car, the car is powered by an 8-L quad turbocharged W16 engine that gives 1500 hp to this car the car takes 2.5 Seconds to move from 0-100 km/h and the car stop gaining speed at the top speed of 261 mph  


           2.5 second   

Top Speed
            420 km/h    
           8-L W16    

            1500 hp   

             1996 kg      

            Sports Car   

          $ 2.6 Million

Chiron All Available Colors  

So friend over all this is the most advance fastest and good looking car which is available in 8 awesome colors but this mash-up of power and beauty costs a lot.
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