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Lamborghini Aventedor mansory carbonado gt

 Speed-UP 0-100 Km/h in a Breath Taking 2.1  Second  

 Birth of Carbonado GT 

In 2014 Mansory was planning to modify a Powerful car, this time, they want to make something different, And suddenly a cool Idea knocked their mind, to modify the Italian Fighting Bull, The Aventador. They arrived Sant'Agata Bolognese and share their cool idea with Lamborghini, Lamborghini liked their Idea and Provide them the best Aventador LP700-4.

 Starting of modification 

The deal is done and Mansory is back to its kingdom with Aventador lp700-4. Now it's time for Mansory's engineer's to show their work, they look at the car and start their work by removing car body, they remove all metal as much as possible and replace it with the most strong and light, carbon fiber.

Mansory put it's full effort's to implement carbon fiber on every body part, in door's, aerodynamics, everywhere they put carbon fiber, they designed every element in the prepreg-autoclave process. The Mansory gave stealth-look to the Italian Bull The improve the ventilation of the front radiator, for air optimization they creating space in the front design. They Designed a new front lip spoiler, this all for the aggressive appearance.

 Engine And Interior Setup 

Now they open the bonnet and put out the 6.5-liter v12 engine and all power component, they fit two Mansory turbochargers with an engine and they also replace all parts with motor racing parts. Before replacement, this 6,498 cc engine produces only 690 bhp but now it is producing 1600 hp can you imagine, more than Bugatti Chiron. Mansory used the finest material for the interior, thy use the extra soft material for the seats' and dashboard,   newly designed staring wheel and aluminum paddles. and the coolest thing inside the interior is starter button that was inspired with aircraft cockpit they place the red button on the roof lining.


 0-100 km/h In a single Breath  

Now almost work is done' Now they have to Examine that what they were created. Mansory Carbonado GT passed is all test. 1600 hp with 370 km/h top speed torque is electronically limited to 1200 nm.Oh, how can I forget this, you know friends this move 0-100 in 2.1 seconds? awesome acceleration.

This is a masterpiece modified by Mansory modifiers, and I love its acceleration. I want to give 9 stars to this car.


           2.1 second   

Top Speed
            370 km/h    
           6.5-L V12    

            1600 hp   

             1549 kg      

            Grand Tourer    

          $ 2 Million 

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