Sunday, 11 June 2017

Abdulla Kidwai

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Mansory Stallone


Look at this car, molded from the bones of Ferrari f12, The perfect peace created by the collaboration of Ferrari and Mansory, Stallone is one of the best and lightest supercars in the Mansory collection, the car is completely covered by carbon fiber. Mansory uses light alloys light fibers to make this supercar as light as possible, Everytime this car attracts the customer's withs Ferraris round-edged design and Mansory beautiful bodywork.


After looking this car when I come in the body section then I have to say the car is more beautiful than Ferrari Enzo or La Aperta, Because every time  this black and white carbon fiber mashup  gives a unique look to the car, this beautiful mashup was used in many supercar modifications done by Mansory Like Carbonado GT  and Mp 4 12c.The wheels and ultra light Alloy rims were specially designed for this car complete body was reworked and made from carbon fiber, on the bonnet you can see a beautiful black carbon round design in the mid, Air intakes are wider than basic vehicle to fulfil the need of fresh air to this beast, sporty interior makes the car more attractive and beautiful. High-class material used by a craftsman to decorate this beast from inside, technically advanced as usual because you are in a Ferrari modified by Mansory so you look the latest and advanced technology that you aspect from this, words no 1 car manufacturer, aluminium paddles with grip, after look this car from exterior as well as interior you will say the car was built by high-class engineers and designers.


Let's come to the power section the main and the most important thing for a car and especially the car added the prefix 'Supper'. A 6.3-L V12 Engine with 6262 CC displacement generate the power of 517 hp, the fastest acceleration for this car from 0-100 in 3 seconds, and then highest speed gain by this Ferrari is 350 km/h, the car can generate the maximum torque of 725 Nm at 6250 rpm.

           3 second   

Top Speed
            350 km/h    
           6.3-L V12    

            517 hp   

             1525 kg      

            Grand Tourer    

          $ 630,000 

🖊🖊 By--Abdullah Kidwai
Abdulla Kidwai

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