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Koenigsegg One Specification, Reviews, Price.


Koenigsegg may be a small car producer in the comparison of Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bugatti but still one there Supercar got the 3rd position in the fastest road cars ever built. Koenigsegg One is one of the best car designed by Christian von, Even more, beautiful and technically powerful from CCXR Trevita, One is a 2 door 'Targa top' Sports car, when the car was launched at 2014 Geneva motor show it creates a curiosity among the viewers, the special thing about this is its name 'One' total horsepower generated by car is 1360 bhp and total weight of the car is 1360kg the ratio of weight and power is 1:1 Otherwise you can say it is also an Agera model and the best Agera model till date, but the company says they will build the final and the best model of Agera series by using the engine of One and the body style of latest Agera RS. 


The car is too much beautiful from exterior, it is a semi-convertible car or you can say Targa top, I love the round edged body style of this car, car specialised light and powerful rear spoiler and the minimum ground clearance to create more downforce and make the car stable during the high speed, curved windshield gives Aircraft look to the car, Large air ventilators, and the roof concavity to meet the need of fresh air to power system, the body is completely sculpted in carbon fiber, From inside the car is unique and dazzling everywhere you can see the groove of perfect work done by a craftsman, the seats are in sporty look made from carbon fiber and covered by a soft material, sporty steering wheel with advanced functionality, round shaped beautiful music system with blue lights coming from inside, lovely and black interior with orange colored stitching everywhere.


when we are talking about the power of this car then you should know the car is more powerful than (1244hp) Hennessey Venom GT and (740hp) Veneno Roadster. Yes, One is powered by a twin-turbocharged 5-L V8 engine that generates 1360 hp at 8250 rpm, this car can move from 0-100 in 2.8 seconds and the highest speed claimed by the company is 280 mph or 451 km/h. according to the Koenigsegg, the One is the first Mega car of the world producing the power of 1 megawatt.


           2.8 second   

Top Speed
            451 km/h    
           5-L V8    

            1360 hp   

             1360 kg      

            Targa Top    

          $ 2.5 Million 

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Abdulla Kidwai

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