Monday, 29 May 2017

Abdulla Kidwai

Dubai Police takes 5 kids on a supercar ride

Dubai Police takes 5 kids on a supercar ride

360 VUZ, an app and a vertual reality company in middle east. they fullfill the dream of five childers from diffrent countrys. they give them a expireance of riding the suppercars in the emirete 
the childrens selected from five diffrence natioins are America India Dubai Palestine and Irish, these students have a dream to becone a police officer and ride the famous suppercar. These student go on tour at top destination in emerite in there suppercars, like Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes AMG and Bentley.

All moments are captured by the company 360VUZ in 360 virtual reality video for the children to memorize this beautiful moment in rest of there life.

“It was our delight  to relation  with Dubai Police on this amazing immersive happening  and let all the people from all over the global  virtually be able to ride in a Dubai Police Supercar and visit the topmost  destinations of the most splendid  city in the world.” Said Khaled Zaatarah, founder of 360VUZ.
Abdulla Kidwai

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