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MANSORY 4XX SIRACUSA SPIDER specificatin , price,


We all three are here with a cool car named MANSORY 4XX SIRACUSA SPIDER, Ferrari the car maker, Mansory the modifier and me to tell you about this cool car. this cool care comes from a Ferrari 488 spider, they completely redesign and create a new beauty new front modified to provide the maximum airflow in the cooling unit extra streamlined front lip designed for good grip on the road during the speeding.


In the body section once more I have to inform you, this is a Mansory model, and Mansory uses carbon fiber in their cars as much as possible, in the same way, this Ferrari completely rebuilds and harden with carbon fiber. After looking this car from outside you will definitely say that this is a future car model because it is technologically intelligent, there are a brand new and bright, day lights for passing safety, rear mirrors are made from carbon fiber, in this car carbon component are used not just for lighting the wait even they can also guide the air flow, from front and side skirts to the cooling system, and the rear spoiler to balance the car on the road during high-speed driving.
And the interior is made under the perfect link functionality and comfort you can see the 4XX logo on the seats made from carbon fiber clothed in leather advanced sports steering wheel made from carbon fiber and covered with leather 
all controls on the front of dashboard advanced electronic speedometer, even the maximum interior components are also made from carbon fiber.


4XX is powered by a 3.9-liter v8  engine that provides 790 hp at 8000 rpm that can fly from 0-100 in 2.9 sec and reach the maximum speed of 341 km/h. and the maximum torque of 870 Nm generated at 3000 rpm, this is all power comes from a redesign power system by Mansory, everything is replaced from a piston to exhaust system.

This beautiful masterpiece costs  💲750,000

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